VoIP - Wellin5 Integrated Phone Call System

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What is Wellin5's Integrated Phone Call System?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a service that allows you to connect with your counsellor utilizing the phone number on your account. Wellin5's Integrated Phone Call System uses VoIP in times of internet connectivity issues to allow you and your counsellor to connect via phone without using your data or long-distance plan.


How do I sign up for Wellin5's Integrated Phone Call System?

Only client's who have a mobile phone number who have allowed SMS notifications through the platform will be able to use this service. 

See the attached FAQ article for more information:


Does receiving a call from Wellin5's Integrated Phone Call System cost money?

No. The service does not cost any additional money and will be covered by most phone plans. The only charges that may incur is if you are on a phone plan that counts minutes such as pay-as-you-go.


Can I use this service on my home phone?
No, this service is not available to clients who have a home phone number listed on their account. Client's will need to add a mobile phone number and allow SMS notifications in order to be registered for this service.

See this FAQ article for more information:

What if I do not have a Canadian phone number?

The Wellin5 Integrated Phone System works with US and Canadian phone numbers. If you are not located in North America please reach out to our customer service team at contact@wellin5.com prior to your session. If using a US or Canadian phone number, long-distance charges will not occur from connecting with your counsellor as it will come through as an incoming call (subject to your existing phone plan and service provider).


What will my phone show when my counsellor calls me?

Currently your phone will show as receiving a call from British Columbia. We are currently in the process of getting this changed to show as receiving a call from "Wellin5". 


How do I call my counsellor using Wellin5's Integrated Phone Call System?

Clients cannot call their counsellor. Only your counsellor has the ability to initiate this service. 


What if I want to have a phone call instead of a video session?

All sessions on the platform should take place using our video session model. If you are uncomfortable being on camera, please feel free to have your video session with your camera turned off. 




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